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  1. TheKarateKid

    PSVR box stays on

    Hi all, I've noticed recently that when I turn off my PS4 the PSVR box stays on. The light used to go red but now it stays on white and i have to end up unplugging it. Any ideas with its doing this??? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  2. TheKarateKid

    Custom Wallaper

    True, but a real shame and theres no reason why this simple setting should have been removed
  3. TheKarateKid

    Custom Wallaper

    Why did Sony remove this feature on the PS4? Are they likely to add this feature back in an update? On the PS3 you could use any picture or photo as your Wallaper.
  4. TheKarateKid

    PS4 software update v3.00 Sep 30th

    No i dont believe they have. This is a function id like to see
  5. TheKarateKid

    Destiny - Multiplayer Online ??

    A little bird tells me that you cannot play online multiplayer right out of the box on Destiny, but instead it has to be unlocked via the normal campaign gameplay. Is this correct? If so, how and when is it unlocked?? thanks!