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  1. Carlos

    Fallout 76

    Keep in mind, Fallout 76 is a Games as a Service title, and a glitchy one at that. Bethesda says they're trying to fix all the issues as they go along, but the game is glitchy, buggy, and downright low quality. If you don't believe me, here ya go:
  2. Carlos

    Playing Street Fighter V

    This is actually a Capcom problem, nothing to do with the PS4. This is similar to the boob glitch back when SFV was released. Capcom is using SFV as a test for future fighting games - this "design issue" is because the game is technically a Games as a Service title. So, either patch the game...
  3. Carlos

    PS4 slim

    No problem! You welcome.
  4. Carlos

    PS4 slim

    Although slims goes up to 1080p, it's fine to play on 4k. You just won't get the 4k experience. PS4 Pro does it better, but still checkerboarding. If you want true 4k graphics, you'll have to wait for PS5.
  5. Carlos

    PS4 slim

    It's your TV, we had a similar issue. I told another user this (his TV is a Phillips TV)... I'm not sure what your TV model number is, or what brand it is, but here's Phillips'. 1. Press the Menu button on the remote. 2. Choose Setup. 3. Navigate to TV Settings. 4. Choose...
  6. Carlos

    Seemingly unsolvable pairing problem

    EDIT: I think I remember the issue! On your PS4 Controller, look for a small button on the bottom of your controller... Look on the rear of the controller for a tiny hole located next to the L2 button. For more, see this link. Time to put console in safe mode. Turn on your PS4 by holding power...
  7. Carlos

    Seemingly unsolvable pairing problem

    Connect the USB cable that came with your PS4 to your PS4, try to pair it that way. That way, the PS4 recognizes the controller. Now, if you're able to get the console connected through USB... Back up your games/files (to the PS+ cloud or to your USB dongle), because the next thing you should...
  8. Carlos

    HDR mode

    I don't know what the model number of your TV is, but in general, this is what you do: 1. Press the Menu button on the remote. 2. Choose Setup. 3. Navigate to TV Settings. 4. Choose Installation. 5. Select Preferences. 6. Select HDMI mode. 7. Choose the HDMI port...
  9. Carlos

    If anyone else has problems with logging in, let me know.

    If anyone else has problems with logging in, let me know.
  10. Carlos

    PS5Forum on Social Media

    I've begun getting ready for the new console generation. Therefore, I am taking this moment to tell you that I've created "PS5Forum" everywhere. I need YOUR help following them, liking them, subscribing, and I'd like YOUR help in spreading the word about PS5Forum! YouTube...
  11. Carlos

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PS4)

    We don't really know much about the game, the only thing we can assume is that it's going to be similar to the Souls game we've come to know about the developers. For those of you who don't know what Sekiro, it's a game by From Software, the same guys that did the Dark Souls series. Here's a...
  12. Carlos

    Password not working and retrieve email still hasn't arrived

    Yeah, in there, check the spam folder and whatnot. There's another way to try: SIE has this page to help with recovery.
  13. Carlos

    Downtime expected tonight

    Okay, so, what's happening tonight is a server re-size. I have been on ticket with the host for the majority of the week preparing for a resize. In the past, my server (the server PS4Forum is on currently) was these specs: 4 GB RAM - 4 vCPU - 100 GB SSD Disk Space - 5 TB Bandwidth I was being...
  14. Carlos

    Changes Phase 1: Condensing Forums.

    Tonight, I've decided to make one of many changes in the next year. This is phase one of those changes. I have two projects that I want to launch in the new year. You already see some of those hints. PlayStation 5's speculation is rising as we roll into the new year. I have two domains...
  15. Carlos

    Hello [emoji1309]

    Welcome to PS4 Forum! :)
  16. Carlos

    New PlayStation Classic Ad

    As we get closer, and closer to the December 3rd release date, PlayStation Classic got an interesting new trailer, only meant as a advertisement for the new mini-console...
  17. Carlos

    Forum Upgraded. Another major update ahead.

    Forum Upgraded. Another major update ahead.
  18. Carlos

    PUBG is coming to PlayStation 4 in December

    PUBG (short for PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds) Corporation, a subsidiary of a South Korean company called Bluehole announced in a blog post, that PUBG is coming to PlayStation 4... To learn more about the PS4 version of PUBG, here are some info...
  19. Carlos

    Full List of PlayStation Classic games announced!

    Today, Sony announced the complete list of 20 games that will be included with PlayStation Classic when it releases on December 3, 2018... The games for the North America region are... Battle Arena Toshinden Cool Boarders 2 Destruction Derby Final Fantasy VII Grand Theft Auto Intelligent Qube...
  20. Carlos

    Nyko Databank

    I'm going to let you go this time, but please do not bump an old thread to spam your link. Thread Locked to prevent bumps like this in the future.