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    help setting up my 12 year old to play

    Not sure what you are trying to accomplish with the parental controls. Is it to limit what games he plays? If so do not buy him games you do not want him to play.
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    Far Cry 5

    Was not a fan of 4, I played a few ours of it but never really connected with it. Was also my first Far Cry and generally not a fan of open world first person games. That being said I decided to give Far Cry 5 a try, story seemed super interesting and looked fantastic from the videos I...
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    Do you own all three systems?

    I own a PS4, PS3 and Nintendo Switch. I had a 360 as well but gave that away as I only bought it for the Fable games. I also have a pretty decent gaming PC as well that I game on every now and then.
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    What is your favorite cooking brand?

    Just crazy enough to work! Need a tag line stating PS4forum.com is the ONLY cooking/PS4 forum on the net.
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    What is your favorite cooking brand?

    What is with all the new accounts being so vocal about anything to do with cooking? Same for blackmint, has only posted about cooking. I want to say spam but I am just not sure how lol
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    Buying PSN Account online

    there is nothing to protect you, could be legit, could be a scam. If it looks too good to be true it is probably a scam.
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    Latest PS4 Game purchases

    Picked up Assassins Creed Origins last week. Was a rough start getting used to the new game mechanics, but now that I am into it I am really enjoying it. Definitely a big improvement over the last 2 games. I still do miss the ship battles of Black Flag, though they have a little of that in...
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    I swear Nintendo, if you don't reveal the NX by Friday...

    I have not noticed any bugs. I bought a switch about 2 months ago, only have Zelda for it but it is an amazing game.
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    Battlefont 2 trailer and release date

    I think a bit more was missing. As good as Battlefront looked, there was only a few locations and they just switched them up a bit. Looking forward to an expanded universe. And I could not disagree more, Darth Maul and anything to do with Episode 1-3 should be erased in my opinion. Just awful...
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    Battlefont 2 trailer and release date

    Looks like they are doing it right now, they have a story mode. I got bored very quickly with Battlefront 1. While it looks incredible, probably the best looking game I have seen, it was repetitive. I really wanted story mode campaign to go through and now thankfully that will happen. If they do...
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    Latest PS4 Game purchases

    That was the only uncharted game I ever finished. Amazing story, really well done, loved it. I just finished the main quest for Horizon Zero Dawn. An ok game, fun open world and looks great. Can't say there is anything I am really looking forward to other then the new Red Dead.... oh Zelda...
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    Ghost Recon: Wildlands question... any help is appreciated!

    Not necessarily. I know with MacOS/OS X updates in the past you could skip a few updates and get a combo updater that combined them all. It never was the size of combining all of them together. Just do what is prompted and you will be fine.
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    Do I stay with PS4?

    You have had 3 PS4's die on you?? That is not a common problem and it seems strange that you are killing so many of them. You sure it has enough room and ventilation? I have the original PS4 as well and never had an issue, flawless since day 1.
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Saw Logan yesterday. HOLY CRAP that is exactly what a wolverine movie should be like. Extreme gruesome and bloody violence. What good is Wolverine and his claws if they never cut anyone?? Great story in this, a fitting end to the character, at least with the current actor. Hopefully they...
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    External support is coming

    according to CNET the update should be out today https://www.cnet.com/news/ps4-to-get-boost-mode-external-drive-support-march-9/ Will certainly be nice to not have to delete older games every time I get a new one. Just got Horizon Zero Dawn and as usually had to go through my list and decide...
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    vr view at 30 degree angle

    Have you checked the camera/sensor? Was it maybe moved?
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    Ps4 slim hdd

    That is what I would wait for as well. I have been wanting to upgrade for a while as I keep having to delete old games to make way for new. This is the simplest and easiest option, just have to wait till the update comes.
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    External support is coming

    Is the connection fast enough for an external? I definitely like the idea of an external, much simpler. I have 500 gigs internal and have been debating about upgrading to get more room as I have had to delete a few games to make room for others. Externals are not that expensive here and really...
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    I think all record of episodes 1 - 3 should be scrubbed. Menacing? I don't think so, but that was because he was such a poor actor. I agree, Vader in Rogue One was a highlight at the end and do think it was Vader best appearence ever!
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Saw Rogue One yesterday in theatres. WOW! This is exactly what a prequel should be like. Totally fit in with the original star wars movies, a few characters from New Hope sprinkled in, some CGI. Great story, looked amazing and no Jar Jar Binks. I will not give any spoilers, but this is a dark...