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  1. Carlos

    controller problems

    Which controller is it? The old, launch PS4 controller, or the new CUH-ZCT2 model?
  2. Carlos

    You know, every time a spammer is on these forums and fails to get through our spam wall, it's...

    You know, every time a spammer is on these forums and fails to get through our spam wall, it's an opportunity for me to block their access to registration. Yeah. Exactly.
  3. Carlos


    Put it this way, what is the closest thing to 7-11, GameStop, or Wallmart there? I spent time looking at your map. The closest country is the greater Africa area, so I did a google search: Type in "South Africa PlayStation Support." Go to that link, and find support there. I'm thinking that's...
  4. Carlos


    The best way to do this without using your credit card, is buying the "Cash Card" (the words are different, but behaves similarly to "gift card"). There are $10/$20, $50/$60, and $100 variants. You can find them at your favorite shops - like 7-11.
  5. Carlos

    PS4 Slim Error

    Thanks for giving us your updates, and so, since you've already solved the issue, I'm going to go ahead and lock the thread.
  6. Carlos

    Changes Phase 2: New Logo

    In the past, PS4Forum has been using this logo: But, I'm currently working on behind-the-scenes changes, so this is the new logo: This is the closest I can find to this logo embedded below. (If anyone knows the font type, please point me in the right direction.)
  7. Carlos

    Telltale batman

    Yikes. Well, I don't know what to tell you now. The batman telltale game was a bit rushed to coincide with a release at the time. I think it was Arkham Knight. EDIT: The game was released after Arkham Knight, so I guess Return to Arkham was it.
  8. Carlos

    Telltale batman

    I hope that's a physical copy, because the company (telltale) is closed. Their last release was a DLC for The Walking Dead. If I were you and I wanted a batman game, I'd exchanged that for Arkham City. There's a remastered version called "Return to Arkham," but it has some glitches and I am not...
  9. Carlos

    New to the forums

    Welcome to PS4Forum.com!
  10. Carlos

    Wait... Will PS5 even come out?

    I would calm down if I were you reading those articles. Analysts from our view are boiler plate bullshit speak. Look no further than Michael Patcher, who spouts garbage about consoles before its even out. And the other thing to note is that these articles are meant to make you click the...
  11. Carlos

    Wait... Will PS5 even come out?

    I know PS4, and Xbox One were like mid-tier PC's, but from what I read, PS5 and Project Scarlett seem to be targeting for higher specs than what we're all used to. I'm not going to say that they're going be game changers, because we've seen it before with PS3. The PS3 was pretty powerful...
  12. Carlos

    Wait... Will PS5 even come out?

    We honestly don't know at this point. To be fair, in United States, PlayStation 3 cost $600 at launch, and dropped to $500 MSRP a year later. It was a pretty powerful console for its time. So, I bet that it cost $700 in Serbia for a PS3 in those days. The extra costs were attributed to chips...
  13. Carlos

    Pre-Ordering problems

    I am that way, too. But the OP is trying to order from PSN.
  14. Carlos

    Latest PS4 Game purchases

    Oh, so that's how you do it. I started from nothing. I do have a PS3 character, but I didn't know how this works. But yeah, am loving the game. I loved Borderlands 2, and I am enjoying the new Borderlands Collection. :)
  15. Carlos

    "Anthem" was a scam from the beginning!

    Here's what the OP was trying to say: As for the "surprise mechanics": I don't mind buying the same game every year (Call of Duty), as long as its fun, and has quality. I don't mind buying DLC, and I've done it before. I don't mind microtransactions, as long as I know what I'm getting. These...
  16. Carlos

    Pre-Ordering problems

    No problem! Good luck on your plight for solutions! :)
  17. Carlos

    Pre-Ordering problems

    I think this pre-order thing is tied to either your age, or if you own the game. That being said, I would never use my credit card or debit card on PSN. If I were you, I'd remove those off your PSN account, and start buying those PlayStation Store cards you find at your favorite retailer. It...
  18. Carlos

    Latest PS4 Game purchases

    I just got Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for free via the June Drop...
  19. Carlos

    Ps4 controller issue

    Buy a new PS4 controller on June 7th...
  20. Carlos

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to PS4Forum.com! :)