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    Funny Memes

    Captain Tiny Arm
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    Funny Memes

    Shaq Meme!
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    Funny Memes

    Accidental Kill
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    PlayStation Plus Free Games December 2017 revealed

    I can't remember the last time I actually downloaded one of the free games. Think it was the Metal Gear Silod one
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    80s Gamer

    Welcome Grand-pops-2015! w[:
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    vr view at 30 degree angle

    Did you ever fix this?
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    Games you should not buy.

    I've been inspired by a thread in the PS3 section which is talking about games you should avoid.... So, what PS4 games would you recommend not buying? For me the new Pro Evo, something about that game just isn't right. It's a huge step back from last year.
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    PS4 reset and change ID?

    There is an item in the catalogue which lets you change your team name.
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    Games You Are The Best At

    Worms on PS1. I could drop a bazooka anywhere I wanted in any wind.
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    Your Latest TV Series You Love To Watch

    Is anyone watching the new series (8) of The Walking Dead?
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    Posting requirement to post links & have a signiture

    I think some would. 5 is an easy number to get to. Only really 4 once you have done the introducing yourself post as well.
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    PS4 remember guest account

    Could set up your an account as a normal one, not as a guest account. Would that work?
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    Latest PS4 Game purchases

    Could be even other games grabbing players. The volume of people playing Fortnite must be dragging people away from the more "obscure" game types.
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    Ps4 shooter fps (horror)

    Have you played Cod Zombies?
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    Latest PS4 Game purchases

    Call of Duty: WWII. Single player is amazing, multiplayer haven't played multiplayer much yet. Social space is a little empty at the moment though. Need more peeps online.
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    Anyone Picked Up COD WW2?

    I was in my local Tesco over the weekend queuing up for it, stood behind an old lady. To my surprise, when she got to the counter she asked for "the new cod". Presumably for her grandson, but I like to imagine she is playing it right now. But here's the kicker: it was the last copy in store! :(
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    Crash Bandicoot

    This is spot on. We always go on about how good the games of the past were but they are very much of their time. If CB1 was brought out today it would pass as a free game on mobile and not much more. Nobody would pay a decent amount for it.
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    What was your first PlayStation game?

    Worms. Absolute Quality
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    Buying Consoles From Pawn Shop

    As long as it has a decent warranty (six months) then I've got no issue with it. That's the only real drawback of buying second hand.