Apologies if this may have already come up but I haven't been able to trace a thread on it (I would presume this is the correct section!). Does anyone remember the Net Yaroze? It was basically an original Playstation, but in dark grey with a few extra buttons, on which you made your own games. Here in the UK, I think it was marketed for a short while as a 'Programmable Playstation' – or words to that effect. My memory is a bit hazy on that, now.

In those days, the Official Playstation Magazine come with demo discs with every addition. Some included a 'home made' Net Yaroze game. One disc in particular come with about six from memory! One I recall in particular game in which you basically hunted down ghosts or aliens (can't remember which) down in some very dark maze cave. I suppose it was like a strange cross between Pacman and Doom! It was a decent little 2D first person adventure. Grahpically, it was similar to the very first Tomb Raider in terms of pixel style.

Back when the original Playstation was still very much in it's heyday, me and my best friend planned on saving up and buying one between us. We developed a desire to actually hunt one down and perhaps have a go at making our own game. This was very much a plan in the forefront of our minds until the PS2's launch but typically, it never came to fruition for two reasons. Firstly, my best friend wasn't exactly the greatest of savers and there wasn't a chance that I could buy one myself. Secondly, we hadn't a clue where to actually purchase one as we'd never seen one in any electrical retailer. It was very much elusive. I suppose there's actually a third reason – if we did get one, neither of us would have a clue of how to actually make it work or create a game! I suppose we were just 'hoping' it would be simple.

Actually after all these years, I've still never, ever physically seen one in the 'flesh'…

I was just wondering if anyone out there had ever actually seen one or actually had one. If so, how easy was it to use? How did it actually work? I've always wanted to know!

Before anyone asks, I'm not particularly interested in owning one now. The ship on that has now very much sailed, unfortunately. The time when I had many hours to spare has long since gone. This thread was purely to see if anyone recalls them and/or had experiences using one. I'd love to know from you either way.