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    Anyone remember Theme Park World?

    If I had one game to sum up my childhood on the PSone it wouldn't be Crash Bandicoot or Spyro, not even Metal Gear Solid. It would be Theme Park World. There was something amazingly charming about the game, despite the annoying pop ups with the Scottish bloke constantly telling you how much of a failure your ten your old self was as you forgot to build a coconut drink stall. So much was my love for this game that in fear of losing my progress I would keep it on pause as I went to school and returned back to it (my mother loved that..)

    Recently bought a PSone for nostalgia and had to get the game - and it's still so damn fun!

    Anyone else remember this bad boy?

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    I remember it very well! When I bought it I played almost nothing else for about five weeks straight! A highly addictive and memorable game. It remains the only theme park building/simulator type game that I've ever actually owned and remains about my favourite one too. There was just enough detail and options in there to keep me entertained, without going too over the top. I still occasionally played it until the launch of the PS3.

    I remember there was a first person mode which allowed you to experience it yourself and if I’m not mistaken, you could go on most of the rides. Obviously, the roller coaster was about the best but I also enjoyed the 'Crazy Ape' and who can forget the 'Tom, Tom Twister'?! I also remember the 'Dino Karts' (not sure of the spelling – I think that's how they done it) but it was stupidly hard to construct them how you wanted them to be. You needed a surprisingly large amount of space.

    Just for fun, I remember building a park (with the money cheat) once which contained nothing other than Fries shops with the odd burger shop thrown in at random, litter bins and the odd toilet block. After around half a day of opening, I remember those little bubbles appearing above the AI guests that suggested what were going through their minds. I just remember question marks being on about two thirds of them and the sign for drinks on the other third! It doesn’t sound very funny now but at the time it did amuse me. Obviously, it never lasted long as a theme park.

    It's a pity there's nothing even remotely similar on the market today, especially which quite has the same character as this had.

    I've still actually got it – but it's up in the attic and not actually seen the light of day for about seven years now.



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