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Thread: Is Vita Worth It?

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    I am a JRPG enthusiast and want to get a Vita as a means to play so many intriguing JRPG titles, but... the price of the memory card has long turned me off. I know a handful of people who own one and they all adore it. I will make the jump eventually, but not any time soon. Right now, insofar as handheld gaming is concerned, my 3DS is keeping me company.


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    Here's my story with my vita.

    I got it to be honest for what it could possible do with connection to the PS4. I have had my PS vita for about a year now.
    Slowly but steadily i've picked it up more and more, to the point of even though i have PS3/XB360/PS4/Xb1, i still sometimes sit down just with my vita of an evening and play the games on there.

    JRPG aren't my thing, but what with PS PLus superb free vita games, i've had sooo many quality gaming nights on my Vita, not my 40 inch Tv next gen console games!

    Games i've played load of on my Vita,

    Moto Gp13 ( free from PS PLus )
    MLB12 the show ( 7 from PSN )
    When Vikings Attack ( free from PS Plus )
    Uncharted Golden Abyss ( Free on PS PLus )
    Gravity Rush ( Free on PS PLus )
    Killzone Mercenary ( 28 ) _ killzone is certainly the best technical acheivement on the vita. Online works so well, graphics are stunning.

    Unit 13 is Free.
    Limbo Free on PSN

    That's just the games.

    You can talk just like being online in MP games
    You can download and watch HD films
    Wake up club is a great app, and that's only a few things the Vita can do.

    I now LOVE my Vita when it was only bought as a " what can this do thing "

    Only recomendation is, yes the vita is pricey, and so are the memory cards, but after that it's pretty cheap, if not FREE to get quality games for it.

    EDIT - Point to not although some of the games i've mentioned aren't free now, i GOT them free at some point on PS PLus.


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