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    The missing feature

    In an effort to play something I decided to give TowerFall a go.

    One thing I was really sad about this game was the fact you couldn't play with friends on Multiplayer. I noticed one of the major modes is called versus where you and up to 3 others can battle it out. However I bet that mode is rarely played because many times do you have 4 friends in the one place? You don't. However you're more likely to have 4 friends online and this would have been a great online game.

    I then played some of the single player, even though you can have a friend with you and the same thoughts occurred that it would be amazing to play online.

    I knew this game didn't have an online since I looked it up before it came out but still after playing it for quite awhile I'm a little curious as to why the devs didn't chose to have online with this game.

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    This game is really good. It would be really, really good were I able to play online with friends. To my understanding the developers wanted to promote playing on the couch with friends. This is great, but I am a a life (i.e. a girlfriend, two jobs, college, etc., etc.) I honestly do not have time to align my schedule with that of the RL friends I keep in touch with; we are all busy doing our own things miles and miles a part from each other.

    That said the game is superb but its hard to want to continue playing it alone because you know how much better it could be. In fact, I actually think I might jump on it today... forever alone.


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    Towerfall is one of my favorite games over the last year. I feel bad for people who don't get to experience it in all it's 4 player glory. Even when I don't have friends over, my wife and I will duke it out man to (wo)man. I do wish it had online mulitplayer but I also wish more games would include quality couch co-op.

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    I finally saw a gameplay video for Towerfall the other day. Actually, it was a Let's Play. It looks like an incredibly simple but amusing game. I can understand where the developer is coming from with not including online play, but it's something that so many gamers have come to expect by now. It's still puzzling why they wouldn't just add that feature, and perhaps they can do so with a patch or a similar solution.



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