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    Ubisoft reveals Valiant Hearts: The Great War for the PS3 and PS4

    This game looks pretty cool, actually. Its a 2D platformer designed by the same team that designed the latest Rayman installments and it's based upon actual letters from WWI. As long as you don't mind the artistic renderings a-la Rayman style, you might want to check it out. Although the WWI setting is not exactly pleasant, Ubi promises that the game will stay lighthearted and have it's comical moments throughout. It's being made for all of the consoles and PC.

    Valiant Hearts: The Great War tells the story of four strangers who come together on the battlefield to help a young German soldier find love. The story is focused on survival, sacrifice, and friendship, Ubisoft said.

    The five playable characters will solve puzzles and sneak through enemy lines alongside a "faithful canine companion" for certain periods of the story. The story is set during a "dark" time in history, but Ubisoft pointed out that there are lighthearted and comical moments throughout the entire game.
    What are your thought on this game? I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye on it, as the trailer has definitely caught my attention. Curious to see what the reviews are oncethe game is closer to completion...although I never really pay attention to the reviews anyways

    Via Gamespot

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    I'm a little tired of 2D platformers, but other than that it looks neat. The touches of realism and emotional depth are definitely neat.

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    Wow. I'm a huge fan of the art style, cartoon-y but meant to be taken to heart. Pretty refreshing from all the other world-war based games where realism is the Modus Operandi.

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    this was a great game i would recommend it
    easy puzzle game



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