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    RBI Baseball being developed for the PS4 & Xbox One

    A new RBI Baseball game has been announced after a 19-year absence.

    The sports title will be released on current and next-generation consoles, as well as smartphones and tablets.
    It's been announced that RBI Baseball will be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One this spring. This is great news, considering 2Ks recent announcement that they will not be making any more MLB 2K titles since their license with the MLB expired not that long ago. Obviously, we can hope for better graphics/gameplay than what we last saw from the franchise:

    Source: DigitalSpy

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    I agree, with 2K leaving the scene that means that the only possible successor would have been EA and they are lazy when it comes to their sports division. At least this way we might actually get a next-gen baseball game that looks and plays like a game that has all this technology at it's advantage should instead of another rehash.



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