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    Dynasty Warriors 8 Expansions Dated.

    Dynasty Warriors 8 will be given the PS4 treatment with the Complete Edition. This edition will also include its Xtreme Legends expansion which focuses on the story of Lu Bu. Other than Lu Bu, there will be five new characters as well. Other extras include a new "Ultimate" difficulty level. The game will get a standalone expansion on the PS3 too. Dynasty Warriors 8 The Complete Edition is slated for a March 25 release in North America.

    Full Info Here

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    i wish people still played this game. im on ambition mode if anyone does
    i know things look bleak,
    but even the word hopeless has hope in it.
    plus if you rearange the letters it says peeslosh.
    that last part was probably unnecessary
    ~the battleblock theater narrator

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    I was just looking at this and the game looks interesting. I have it on my list.



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