A regional pawn store (Pawn America) declared bankruptcy, and the one in my area is closing. Decided to go in to see their massive sales, and got a 250gb Super Slim PS3 for $30. I had a few games I was working on, but never finished.

Anyways, I get home, hook it up, and start downloading my games. I switch to my PS4 (Pro) input, and notice that the screen in flickering a BUNCH. I've heard this is any issue with many other people, particularly, Samsung TVs. My TV is a TCL Roku 55" 4k, model 6102X. I've NEVER had an issue until now.

I played around with the settings on both the TV and PS4 Pro for a couple of hours. Eventually, I unplugged the TV for about 30 seconds, plugged it back in, went right to the PS4 Pro input, and it worked fine all night. As soon as I left the input to check my PS3 downloads, and went back to my PS4 Pro input, it was flickering again. Unplugging the TV and plugging it back in did NOT work this time around.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Has this happened to anyone before? Does anyone know any solutions? Both systems are running through an HDMI port. I'd like to note that I tried just about everything before unplugging the TV solution. I even unplugged the PS3 HDMI, but it still continued to flicker. This IS the first time playing since my TV got an update yesterday, but I've ruled that idea out once I noticed that switching between PS3 and PS4 inputs sets the flickering off (both were running yes, I was playing on the PS4 Pro while the PS3 was downloading games).[/SIZE][/FONT]