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    Question how to connect 3.5 mm headphones

    hey there.
    i have over ear headphones and right now i connect them through the dualshock. but i think the sound can be better if ill find a way to connect them through the optical out on the ps4.
    is there a way to do that? will i get better sound from my headphones? (its sennheiser's so the sound should be really good)

    thank you!

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    Im pretty sure you would only need the optical out if you are using a surround sound system or surround headphones.
    Using regular headphones you will only get stereo anyway and I doubt it actual sound quality would better if that's what you mean.

    I use the optical out for my 'gaming' headphones for eg,but they're wired True Surround headphones.
    The optical out plugs into a sound processor box,and the headphones are plugged into the PS4's USB port.So that way I can control sound levels for front,back,woofer and center.Just a like a speaker set up. So in theory anyway,great for FPS games.
    So its a whole diff set up.
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