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Thread: Playing on 3 monitors

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    Playing on 3 monitors


    I want to set up my PS4, so that i can stretch the picture over 3 monitors positioned sidebyside.


    from searching the internett about how to do this, i find just a few posts on youtube and some pictures.

    What i have seen is that i need to:

    1.) Connect my HDMI cable from the PS4 into a POWERED HDMI SWITCH (this i read, is due to some copyright issues or so with the PS4)
    2.) From there i need to connect a HDMI cable from one of the outputs into a HDMI SPLITTER (witch splits the signal into so many monitors you have.)
    3.) So from the HDMI SPLITTER i connect 3 hdmi cables, each going into one of the 3 monitors.

    What i want to know is, before i buy stuff, is...have anyone here on the forum ever tried this and got this to work?


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    It is probably possible.

    The hdmi splitter must handle all the settings about sync, positioning, splitting point, etc. because the PS4 can't do it.
    Be sure the splitter is connected to an external power source, normally with an AC/DC transformer, because you will need much more amperage (at least 3x). If you try to get all current you need from the PS4, you risk to burn it.

    Keep us updated
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    I didn't know you can do this. Please keep us updated. You have piqued my interest on this and curious to see if it works. Quite possibly the oldest PS community on the net

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    I have now ordered some items and will be trying this out shortly... havent forgotten about this tread, no Sir ^^
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