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    New Screen - gaming monitor or Ps Vr

    So - I have my PS4 in the lounge, connected to the family TV - but that restricts my time - and the wife often huffs and puffs.

    When I initially bought the PS4 on release it was in my man-cave, with a 42" plasma on the wall, but that stopped working, hence the move downstairs.

    I am now in the position financially to move back into "my" room, and need a new screen.

    Choices are a good 27" gaming monitor, an average 32" gaming monitor, or a PS VR.

    The benefits of the VR are obvious. Access to the new genre of games BUT the downside, from what I read, is the reduced definition display using Cinematic mode.

    So - which way to go? PsVr would be better from a "position " perspective, with using my driving wheel easier than looking up at a monitor, but Im only ever likely to get 1 or 2 VR specific titles. Gamnes like Fifa, Witcher and Project cars would get much more time. Would I really notice the display issue - or am I better off just getting a decent monitor (low input lag - 1-4ms).

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    Hi Paul,

    does it worth to use a gaming monitor with a PS4? Or it's enough to have a good 32" TV for example?

    Actually I play with a 22" TV, 1080p, full HD, with much satisfaction. I sit about 1 & half meter distance from it.
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    I'd say spend the money on a good TV. The prices have dropped so much for good LED TVs that you can pick up a damn good one for a few hundred. Quite possibly the oldest PS community on the net

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    Samsung make some nice sets, I have a Samsung LED, it's nice. Sony and LG also make nice sets.

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    I would go with a TV as well, they are cheap now, hell you can get 4K TV's 50" or so for under $1000. Should be able to pick up a nice 1080p 40" and above for $500.

    Unless you are sitting infant of a 27" screen like you would a computer, it is much to small in my opinion.



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