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  • Standard 500GB / 1TB Hard Drive

    0 0%
  • 2TB 2.5" Hard Drive Upgrade

    2 66.67%
  • DongCoh Game Bar

    0 0%
  • Nyko Data Bank

    1 33.33%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Jul 2016
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    Cool Hard Drive Expansion - Nyko / DongCoh


    I haven't played with a PlayStation since the original console and recently purchased a PS4 to sit alongside my Xbox One (I have no problems with the Xbox for exclusives / multi-platform titles,) but wanted to play a handful of games that were PS4 exclusives (such as The Last of Us, inFamous and Killzone.) I am looking to upgrade the existing Hard Drive with something that will last for a while. I tried and failed to use the drive inside of a Seagate Expansion 2.5" HDD (the higher capacity drives are physically taller, something I did not learn of until after voiding the warranty and finding out that the drive wouldn't fit - imagine my reaction(!)) I am now looking at using a standard 3.5" HDD with either a Nyko Data Bank or DongCoh Game Bar... there doesn't appear to be much between the two - the Nyko is slightly more well-known as a brand, the DongCoh is slightly cheaper *shrugs*

    Does anyone know which is the better of the two? I'm looking to install a 6TB Toshiba HDD.

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    I Shall Finish The Game Dmadman72's Avatar
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    Oct 2013
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    The segate backup plus slim 2 tb works. I have it in all 4 of my systems. I did run into the thicker 2 TB hdd at first. I had to bite the bullet on a 2tb WD my passport. My nephew has a data bank and it works great as well although it looks like the HDD is constantly powered and might cause issues down the road . The choice is yours.

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    I have a nyko databank with a 4tb hybrid drive in it. So much space I do not know what to do with it all. I would recommend getting one for certain.

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    Sniper Kitten

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    I personally would just upgrade the internal hard drive to a 2TB+. The databank looks awesome but I just wouldn't want something big and bulky is all. I've heard good things about the Nyko so it's definitely worth checking out. Personal preference really. Besides, with the constant drop in price of hard drives every year, by the time I am actually looking to upgrade my PS4 hard drive, an internal 4TB would be much more affordable. I put a 1.5TB in my PS3 for something like 80-100 bucks I think? Quite possibly the oldest PS community on the net

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    Nyko's other products have quit the bad time but this is an actual product i can recomend.the witcher took up like half on my space so this was very much needed
    i know things look bleak,
    but even the word hopeless has hope in it.
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    I advise you to go for a 2TB hard drive and use an external hard drive to keep your additional files on. I don't believe anyone would really need the vast capacity of 6TB for PS4, unless your case is too exceptional.



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