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    PS4 Controller makes my hands go numb

    am I the only one who hates these controllers? they make my hand go numb after only a few minutes and the plungers are awful.

    Are there any replacement controllers that have a completely different layout and are modifiable?

    with a replacement the PS4 in its current state is useless.

    Finally - are they ever going to get the Left hand left eye position right for COD?

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    Look into this. I know nothing about this and did some digging for you to find it. So if you like the XBone controller or the 360, it should work. Just keep in mind when you use other controllers other than the PS4 controller, you will lose functionality like the touch pad and six axis.

    Here's a third party controller on a quick Amazon search. Again, you will lose functionality so read the questions and reviews carefully.

    And yes. You are the only one who hates it I love it.

    The COD question? Probably not, lol. Quite possibly the oldest PS community on the net



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