Hi, I've just bought a PS4 and Thrustmaster T150 steering wheel for my 5yo as he taken a big interest in driving so thought it would be fun.

Bought Dirt rally, now realise its a serious (and looks very good) sim and too involved for him. So downloaded a 7.99 beach buggy game.

Instantly liked the look of it but the steering wheel won't work with it. Although I press the PS button and select the game using the button on the wheel, I can't press start with any button.

Did some research and found a way of setting a T80 wheel into gamepad mode so it works with unsupported games. Unfortunately the method given (power up PS4 with wheel USB disconnected, hold PS button down while plugging in USB, release, press PS again then sign in) doesn't seem to work with the T150. I was hoping that just turning the steering wheel a bit would do the same input as the joystick in this mode, no feedback.

Has anyone managed to get the T150 to work with any other game than the ones listed on their website? Thrust master website states I need to be a commercial seller to get any help directly (so do I ask Argos PS4 technical support?).

Thanks for any help, spent hours looking online. If its not possible I take the lot back, thinking I've been a bit ambitious with my 5yo now, I don't want to use it on my own / online. Problem being his fingers can't get to the joysticks so he can't play anything else, didn't think of that....