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    about nathan drake collection

    I have been playing drakes fortune remastered in my opinion the game looks great the aiming is very good. In fact the combat in general is great that's me. i got a rant and that's the plat forming is it me or is the plat forming a little glitchy? Theres jumps I miss so many times it must be me I been watching a walkthrough on youtube either hes editing or hes just good at plat forming and playing the game period. Anyway you cant restart check points in any of the games in Nathan drake collection to get medals/trophies correct? So to get the survivor trophy and is there a dyno mite expert meda/trophyl? I forgot Oh man let me rephrase the kill streak counter resets on deaths , quiting and restarting check points. The headshots keeps counting as does everything else cept kill streak ,, why? maybe that's like asking why is the sky blue I don't know. I will answer one way to get survivor in drakes fortune remastered. They way I did it is after finishing the game I loaded chapter 5 and to make it short right at chapter 6 end when you save elanna the survivor trophy popped up so theres one way its just enuff enemies I think. Its weird it showed 71 kill streak without failing at the start of chapter 7 but yet the trophy pops up at the close of chapter 6. Hope this helps someone just thought I would share this.

    Oh btw any tips on where I should start to try for survivor trophy? Not chapter4 that's for sure that one long jump on the falling rock is the worst
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