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Thread: Help re PS Plus

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    Help re PS Plus

    Hi guys,
    Looking for some help around online use.
    I've set up my son (via usual master / sub account) so he can play any game (all age ranges) but he's getting the following message when trying to play online in Black Ops 3;

    Cannot use the PlayStation Network features in this application due to age restrictions. (NP-31735-9)

    Can anyone please suggest a way to get around this so he can play online? Having just renewed his PS Plus he's itching to get going!
    Many thanks,

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    There's no way to change the birth date of a PSN account once it's confirmed.

    If needed, check it here: LINK

    Whether your son plays with your own account or you must create a new one, setting a birth date which allows him to be more than 18.
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