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    Eject Button Bug Gone Nuclear!!!!!!! Help!!!!

    So I was playing Fifa and suddenly my disc ejected. My PS4 is a very temperamental little machine (I fucking hate it) and this happens quite often. I usually turn it off, unplug it for 30 secs and it's generally fine. But from the second I press the power button, the PS4 starting making the little eject beep over and over again, like non stop continuously (it was going so fast the beeps would often interrupt each other) for a minute until the machine turned off and I had unplugged it. I turned it back on and the eject button was still on steroids going crazy, so I turned it off again and thought fuck this, I'm gonna try tighten the eject button screw (Never tried this before, never even took the glossy cover off my PS4) I go to tighten it and its completely lose, as if the thread is broken or something as it's still sitting perfectly in its place, but spinning it either way does nothing. Right now I can only play games on my hard drive and even then its insufferable because all I can hear is that fucking shitty little beep.

    Can someone please help me on what to do next? Or am I completely fucked? I bought the PS4 off E-bay over a year ago so I can't imagine I'm due any help from Sony, and fuck going to an electronics shop to get this sorted! Anyone got any ideas?

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    Macca, your PS4 is full of dust and needs to be cleaned. The problem you have is 99% due to the over temperature, caused by a bad heat exchange with the external environment.
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    To add to what Alex said (sounds like an overheating problem), where do you have the PS4 located? Is it in an enclosed entertainment center? On the floor? Pics help The PS4 is definitely a machine that requires proper ventilation. Inside an entertainment center (behind glass or whatever), it will run very hot. I have it out in the open on top of my TV stand and if I put my hand over it after a couple hours, you can feel the heat coming off it. I can imagine if it was inside my TV stand. Quite possibly the oldest PS community on the net



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