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    UK game disc with GR DLC, will it work?

    Hi guys.
    I have a UK version of Bloodborne and want to buy the old hunters DLC. My account is Greek. Will the DLC work since both are from Europe or DLCs are Country Region locked?

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    Im not 100% sure but...
    Im in AUS and sometimes when I buy UK games DLC I download from AUS PSN store all works.(BLES codes on disc) (although technically AUS is region 4 for games and UK and rest of Europe is region 2)
    So I think it doesnt work if you have a game from US and DLC is from UK or Asia,or your game is UK your DLC is US or Asia etc etc.
    However in your case I think it may.
    Cofirm anyone?
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    Hmmm I just noticed something
    My disc code is CUSA 00208 and the code that I see on the ps store DLC is CUSA 00207
    I also found this: by www . gamefaqs . com/ps4/805577-bloodborne/data (just remove the spaces between the dots)
    Also in the DLC page it says that to play this DLC you need Bloodborne. If there was an issue with region lock, wouldn't it be mentioned on the page?



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