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    Little help please

    When I test my internet connection it shows anything from 7-17 mbs per sec download speed (I live in a tiny wee village in Scotland so that's actually faster than I expected) but when I try downloading anything it's never faster than 3mb I've hardwired it to my router but it seems to be no faster than when it was using WiFi....Sorry if this is either a stupid question or been covered before on the forum...thanks

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    Sounds pretty normal to me. Just sounds like that's the speed of your internet. Could also drop too if someone else in your household is also using the internet. You only have so much bandwidth. If you have multiple devices doing stuff online, your download speeds naturally fall. Quite possibly the oldest PS community on the net

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    I never get what I should from PS as far as the DL speed I should (same with Microsoft). It seems like it is bottle necked on their end. Also the servers being as busy not only with PS side of things but your IP provider because of the time of year will slow things down. I downloaded Skyrim Christmas day and it took forever. I actually gave up waiting and just went back the next day to play it.



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