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    Disc drive unresponsive - Suggestions please?

    A disc got stuck in my PS4(model no. cuh-1215a) and when I pressed the eject button it made a beeping noise but nothing happened.

    I followed Sony's official instructions to manually eject the disc, which worked fine, but afterwards my console still wouldn't take in any discs.

    If I try to put the disc in nothing happens, so I tried the reverse of the manual ejection method and manually inserted the disc all the way in. But when I start the console nothing changes. The console doesn't even recognize there's a disc inside and I don't hear any spinning at all.

    Then I reset my ps4 to factory settings and it didn't change anything. I'm past warranty btw so I can't get a new console.

    Besides the disc drive everything works normally and I can play digital games and use apps.

    If there are any tips to fix this myself I'll try anything, but just in case the disc drive is completely broken how would I go about fixing it myself? Do I need to buy a certain version of the disc drive and are there any reliable guides to fix my model?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated so thanks in advance.

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    while this solution is not related to this problem, it might work:

    1- turn off PS4.
    2- unplug from the outlet.
    3- press power as long as it beeps. stop when the beeping goes awau.
    4.- plug back and turn on.

    Disk drive migth start working now.

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    Judging by what you're saying, seems like the disc drive is no longer working. It sounds like a hardware problem. Since it's out of warranty, you either have to pay someone (Sony or a technician) to replace it or buy a new drive and replace it yourself. Either way, will probably be cheaper than a new console Quite possibly the oldest PS community on the net



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