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    Changing ps4 hdd without ps4 backup function


    I have a issue with my PS4 HDD - and now I cannot start the PS4 anymore. (PS4 goes to safe mode and try to rebuild the damage database, but not sucessfull) - and I need to reinstall firmware.

    But If I do this - ALL DATA WILL BE LOST - right?

    Then I buy another HD to replace the HD - and now I'm trying to restore the old PS4 HDD content using my PC.

    But I cannot read the drive. (I know why.. I'm affraid that this could happens)

    Just to confirm with you guys.. I dont have any other way to read the old HD and restore the saved files, games, etc.. (I dont have the PS4 Backup function, because this HDD cannot be started on the PS4..)

    I read something about CLONE the HD using ACRONNIS SOFTWARE.. This will works for me? (or the cloned HDD will had the same problem and dont start in ps4 too?)



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    If your HDD is broken there's nothing to do, except using a fresh new HDD.
    If your data are corrupted, by cloning your HDD you will create a new HDD with corrupted data inside. So you will have the same problem.

    The only PS4 data you can recover are your game savings & your user profiles (when present) from the PSN cloud, if you have the automatic upload function activated or if you have uploaded them manually.
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