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    PS4 issue only with disc-based games?

    My PS4 is out of warranty and has been having an issue where about every 1 in 4 games I play on it wonít run. They either freeze the system or force quit the and give me various error codes (most commonly the one related to a corrupted save). Itís pretty inconsistent as far as what occurs, but if a game gives me an issue, it just wonít work. Games that run fine consistently run fine. Iíve gone through every troubleshooting option available short of sending it in and paying Sony to service it.
    One trend I have noticed is that of the 10 or so digitally downloaded games Iíve played, none of them have ever caused an issue for me. They all play perfectly fine. This made me wonder if thereís an issue with disc-based games on my system where, when the disc is referenced, it causes an issue.
    I want to troubleshoot this by buying a digital version of a game that gave me trouble with the physical disc. A recent example was Driveclub, but before I dish out the money to try this (which may not get refunded, as Iíll have to run the game to test it), have any of you had a similar issue?
    I've never had any noticeable issue with my disc drive. It's never made odd noises. Never had any issues reading a disc or downloading a game to the system.

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    It looks like a problem related to the DVD reader. Probably the lens is dirty, so you can try to insert one of those lens cleaner discs (if you have it). Also, you can try to change the console position, from horizontal to vertical, or viceversa. Check your game discs if they're scratched, expecially if the scratches are partially circular and follow the circumference like arcs. Fingerprints on the discs' surface can cause such troubles too, if so, clean them with a soft tissue & water. Also try to unplug & plug back the power cable... you never know, sometimes it solves such phantom problems. Almost surely you have already done such operations, but I can't think about anything else to solve the problem at home, because if your DVD reader has a calibration issue, you must send it to the Sony service, unfortunatelly
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