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    WIFI to LAN cable problem

    Hi everyone, having a problem that I can't seem to fix, can anyone help?

    My PS4 is in a separate games building to my family router, using a WIFI Extender I can normally get 10Mb download and about 2.8Mb upload speeds, but over the holiday period this goes right down due to many people at home using the internet in the whole village. We have fiberoptic with BT into the village, but old cable the last 3 km's to the house. Then I have to bring the PS4 into the house and use the WIFI direct from original router.
    To try and cure this I had a Cat 5e ethernet cable run from the house router to the back of the PS4, about 50m's long. The signal is great and runs a laptop no problems.....but the PS4 can't make the connection.
    I've opened the Firewall ports, manually set Ip address's, etc. Even using google direct and, but still not working. I've tried automatic fixes and manual, turned all the router buttons off and unplugged for 10 minutes, still no good.

    Please someone help me.

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    To be honest you are not going to find much of a difference between WIFI and LAN. If the speed goes down on WIFI it will be going down on LAN as well. If it is home traffic you could always prioritize your ps4 on the router.

    Do you have a static IP set up for your PS4? Why the and when trying to go LAN. When I plug a LAN cable into my PS4 that is all I have to do. I don't know where you are so I don't know if there would be any variations in our consoles.

    Have you taken your PS4 into the house and hooked it up to LAN to see if it works? BTW I had my PS4 running of a 50 LAN cable that went into a LAN splitter then into the back of my PS4 with no problems. So the length of the cable won't be an issue.

    What do you have for a router?

    Are you sure your Laptop is running of the LAN and is still not on the WIFI? Easiest way to know is to unplug the LAN from the router while the laptop is on. If you can't search then you were on the LAN, If you can then you are still running off the wifi signal.

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    U have to plug in with wire ps4 wifi only a trickle of packets get threw
    Heard 50ft too long maybe a lan boost or old-fashioned router to boost 50ft
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