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    Cannot initialize PS4 with a new hard drive


    A few years ago I installed a 500gb hard drive in my PS3 and it worked right away. This time I decided to upgrade the 500gb on my PS4 with a Seagate Backup Slim 2Tb but it's not working... There was no issue to install it in the system but when I tried to initialize with the update on USB stick, not only I got the message "Cannot find update" but also another one "cannot initialize CE-33566-3". Both initialization with or without update failed... So after trying several times I just removed the new drive until I find more information about this technical issue and put back the old one, the PS4 is still working with the old one.

    I hope somebody in this forum can give me some advices how to fix this problem

    Thanks and Happy New Year


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    This is a pretty old thread so hopefully you've got it working by now, but if not where on the USB did you put the system file? According to a site I'm looking at (I don't have enough posts in include the link), it needs to be in a folder called PS4\UPDATE, and it appears to be case sensitive. You might also want to check to make sure it's formatted as FAT or FAT32.



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