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    Weird issues with internet on ps4? (low download speed but high upload speeds)

    Hello everyone,

    I recently moved my ps4 from a room that contained the modem into a room that does not. I have connected via WiFi but I'm encountering unusual problems.

    My ps4 seems to not stream anything properly (netflix, online games, etc) and disconnects many times. I ran multiple internet connection tests on my ps4 and I always get weird numbers.
    For example, on one speed test I had 20 kbs download and 3mbs upload. My upload is substantionally larger than my download.

    I called my ISP about a potention bottling of my speed and they said nothing was usual. I was able to verify when I ran speed tests on multiple devices (my laptop and 2 of my housemates laptops). So it definitely isn't my ISP which is causing this issue.

    My connection signal is at 87% roughly and goes up to 90% sometimes. So I know I have a good signal. I have tried resetting my router/modem a couple of times and it does not seem to have fixed anything.

    I followed a video that said to change the DNS and I have done so but that also didn't work.
    One last piece of information to note is that when I search for wifi networks some disappear and reappear when I refresh even though they have almost complete bars.

    Does anyone have any advice on how I can fix this because this seems to be a ps4 problem.

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    The PS4 from my experience does not ever get your FULL speeds. I have 105/10 and my PS4 only gets 33/4 roughly while all my other devices get 75+/10.

    I had a hard time using the wifi with it, so I ended up running a wire.

    I would just run a wire if you can.



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