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    Disc drive keeps ejecting on its own

    I was playing NBA 2k14 last night. The game began to download an update after about two hours of playing. I noticed that the disc ejected on its own without me pressing any buttons. The disc drive continues to spin with no disc inside. Any fixes for this??

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    restart your ps4 and reinsert the disc. Does it work fine after that?

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    I know this is an old thread but I was playing Thief last night and for no reason the disc ejected itself. After that you could hear the disc drive attempting to eject a disc every 5 seconds or so thus preventing you from putting the disc back in. Browsing the forums it seems a few people have this problem. Had the PS4 since launch and had zero problems with it. So I turned off and unplugged. Turned back on and the disc started making the eject noise again.

    Anyway, whilst browsing the internet on it to look for solutions, the PS4 started beeping regularly and it got more frequent all the while the disc drive is doing the eject thing. However, after a few minutes of beeping it all went silent including the disc drive. Was able to put the game disc back in and carried on playing without any further problems.

    I'm just wondering by leaving it on and during the beep process it recognised there was a problem and fixed it. Maybe wrong though - just thought I'd share in case anyone else experiences this and doesn't leave the PS4 on long enough to go through the beep cycle!

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    I think this is a common bug.

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    I have had this issue recently too. What I did was the following:

    1. Hold power button down until system completely powers down
    2. Once shut off, hold power button down again while powering up. Continue to hold button down until you hear a second beep. This brings you to the start up options page.
    3. Go to update, from web
    4. Select the latest update, and install
    5. Takes about 15 minutes, and the unit will do a few restarts on it's own. Once back up and going, it should be ok and take disc. I have an original PS4 from first release, and as noted below, this is a common and annoying bug! Good luck!

    While this has worked for me, I continue to have this happen periodically. Bought PS4

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    There should never be such an error happening if you have a normal good PS4. A few things might cause it and they are Hardware/software related. But most of the times ejecting a disc means your Playstation doesn't function how it should so you should be able to get them to give you a new one or fix your old one. Cause even though PS4 is like a computer right now having more features then just playing game, inserting game discs to play the games is still the biggest money maker for them. If that doesn't work then you could say the PS4 is just defect.

    Mind that you don't touch the sensor as well btw.



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