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Thread: Change PS4 Nat Type

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    Change PS4 Nat Type

    I'm having problems connecting my PS4 to my router for game play. It keeps giving me a Nat type 2 and I'm wondering how to get it back to that. At least its not a Type 3 strict that my PS3 use to suffer from. Can anyone help me with this.

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    Hey Mortin, their are two things you can do. You can set up your PS4 to placed in a DMZ on your router or you can open up some ports. I'll post you a full guide later tonight on how to do this if someone doesn't beat me to it first.
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    Ive done it on PS3 before so presume PS4 has same settings?
    Also you need to be able to access your modem/router settings.

    Weird thing is my previous Dlink modem/router was usually open NAT,sometimes after a time it would switch to moderate then all Id have to do is reset it and it went back to open.
    However a while ago I switched to a TP-Link modem/router and no matter how many times I reset it and go through its settings its always on moderate.
    The only way I could change it to open was in PS3 settings and asign IP etc manually,and change modem settings to match.
    But even in the end I switched back and left settings to automatic and went back to moderate. I usually have no probs with moderate NAT.
    Its a strict NAT that will stuff you up.

    But you say you have moderate NAT, isnt that good enough for you?
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