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    Back on the PS4!

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    Member of the Month Contest is back! Read for info on how you can win!

    We at PS4Forum have decided to resurrect and revamp the Member of the Month contest!

    Here is the new information you need:

    The Member of the Month contest will now be held every two months, starting with this month. So the winner will be the MOTM for July AND August.

    The MOTM will be rewarded with a specially made User Title for the two months.

    We will have a thread every two months where you can nominate members of your choice (you can vote for more then one). The team at PS4Forum will takes the names of the most nominated and during the last week of the nomination month, you will be able to vote for one nominated member via a Poll. After this last week, the winner will be announced during the first week in the following month!

    You cannot nominate for yourself! Sorry.

    If nobody is nominated before the end of the first week of the month, the staff will decide on a winner.

    Later down the track we might end up giving out more new and exciting rewards depending on how the revamped system goes.

    To start nominating a member you feel deserves the "Member of the Month" title for July and August, please check the "Monthly Contests" section of the forum!
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