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    The witcher 3 or final fantasy 15

    Hi Im split between 2 games, needs to be only between these 2 games as I have both sitting here in front of me brand new, 1 I keep and 1 I'll sell. It's between the witcher 3 and final fantasy 15. I haven't played either. Some of my favourite games are fable, oblivion and assassin creed. I will only play the game for about 20 minutes each day sometimes less and sometimes a bit more no longer then 30 minutes (I have an eye problem) so it's important that I can save the game at anytime so I can jump in and jump out. I know this means it will take me ages to play that's not a problem I will be playing for a very long time and the only game I will play. I like a game that I can do what I want don't always have to follow story, sometimes just running around and killing things but also a game where I can develop the character overtime. Any ideas which one is better for me? Remember the ability to save at anytime is really important to me.


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    Hi Luke,

    both games do have a checkpoint system, where you can restart from a certain point if you happen to die in battle. You can also save at any time with both, except during cutscenes, dialogues and some part of the missions. In the option menu you can also decide when the game saves automatically (for example, Witcher 3 saves everytime you rest).

    The Witcher 3 is probably the most suitable for your preferences. The story is long and articulated, with different possible developements and you can also roam around for hours just discovering places & doing stuffs, without necessarly following the story.
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    Witcher 9.1/10
    FFXV 9.6/10

    That's my amateur and not so expert opinion on the matter, do with it as you will. However based on your love for fable and oblivion, W3 would probably be more up your alley.



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