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    Question How would I be able to buy; Hitman: The Full Experience

    I cannot seem to find a direct site to buy The Full Experience on the PS4. The Playstation Market doesn't seem to have it. The PS4 Hitman website is down/download is unavailable so I cannot seem to find The Full Experience anywhere.


    My question is, where can I buy it? I also looked up the Complete First Season but I do not know if that includes the Upgrade Pack, which gives me access to future missions/seasons. Now, during this time I did realize that Hitman: INTRO PACK, is currently able to be bought, along with the UPGRADE PACK. But, does the UPGRADE PACK include free downloads/updates to future missions or just free updates to the current seasons missions?

    Sorry for this very long question, but I just need to know before I waste $70.

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    The new Intro Pack now contains the Prologue mission and Paris and will be released at the new price of $ 15 (or local equivalent). Any further location will be priced at $ 10 as an additional element of Intro Pack. Alternatively, players can purchase the Full Experience package for $ 60. This includes all the content that will be published during the year and guarantees to players not to miss any live or bonus content. If players acquire the Intro Pack but then decide to get all that offers the Full Experience, may purchase Upgrade Pack for $ 50. The release of the physical version of Hitman is instead scheduled for the end of 2016.
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