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    Second Screen experiences

    Now that we see to be able to whip out tablets and jump into some games with 2nd screen options, a la Wii U, what are some creative uses you can think of for the extra touch screen?

    Or do you think this is even going to be a competitive gimmick that's just trying to be relevant, like the PS Move was?

    I like to think there is potential in an second screen. I know if I were to use it for how I use my "second screen" today (aka my PC monitor next to my console setup), then its for maps and collection progress tracking.

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    I'm not a fan of this gaming style, I lie one screen in front of me and one controller.

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    I have played a couple of times on the Wii U of my friend. We played Zombi U together and Scribblenauts. I found the second screen to be a lot of fun. It offered more interaction to the game and opens a lot of gameplay possibilities. Imagine playing Metal Gear for the PS3 and imagine playing it on the PS4 with a second screen. We could cycle through items in the inventory using the second screen while keeping watch for enemies on the TV.



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