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    Kid Icarus Uprising: My thoughts on it

    Warning: This is my opinion, don't get your butthurt pencil dick twisted over it:

    Hello everyone, I will be giving my thoughts on Kid Icarus Uprising, the only shooter I could get for christmas as I could not buy the ps4 or any other ps3 game out there. Firstly, lets start with the touch screen controls, arguably one of the most polarizing aspects of this game, it has you to flick the touch screen in a direction you want the camera to spin to and the aiming I just find very uncomfortable while on land segments of the game. I could see why they used a touch screen as the 3ds lacked a 2nd analog stick for camera movement, but WHY NOT JUST PUT THIS GAME ON THE WII U, WHERE THERE IS AN ACTUAL F##KING 2ND ANALOG STICK FOR PROPER CAMERA CONTROLS AND COMPEL MORE PEOPLE TO BUY THE WII U WHERE IT IS UNDERPERFORMING COMPARED TO THE 3DS? Also, I find that the dodging mechanic can be very finnicky as it is done by flicking the circle pad quickly in the direction you want to go, but the circle pad is too sensitive and it often gets me exposed to attacks and makes me rage on some "platforming segments"

    Overall, I did not find the gameplay very enjoyable, but I do like the vast variety in enemies with different tactics on how to defeat them and the colorful levels. I also find the fusing weapons mechanic to be very unique and it surprisingly has a lot of depth for a shooter game. For the writing... many people find the dialogue to be funny in this game as character break the fourth wall and making anachronistic references, but personally, I never found myself laughing at these jokes. There were some moments that made me smile, but that was it.

    Anyway, I would give this game a 6/10
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