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    What's the point of 4k if we don't have full 1080p 60fps yet?

    Hey guys, I would just start off of a confusion I am having about gaming right now, everything is about 4k.... But it just seems too early to do so. I mean, most of our games are just 1080p 30fps while only a sparse minority run at 60fps. Why are Sony and Microsoft so hungry for power so that they could skip a generation that they never really focused or touched on in the ps4 and the xbox one? It just confuses me, 1080p 60fps is still in its infancy like VR.

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    They are all in it to make money, so they hope with new features and better resolutions it will have people buying more.

    And really, it is the developers creating the games not Sony. They have the hardware, it is up to developers on how they use it.

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    One would have thought that when the PS4 and XOne launched both would have been capable of doing 1080P 60fps on all games so was a little dissapointing I guess.

    I would have preferred and waited for the next gen consoles,rather than the stop gap of the newer ones.
    Although with the PS4 Pro I believe its better for VR than regular PS4,better framerates etc
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    I'm with Oberon and Jack on this. I find it kind of weird that they decided to go 4k in the middle of the console generation. Though, to play devil's advocate here, it's not like the games are truly 4K. The 4K consoles pretty much just upscale the 1080p game. I guess they figured since 4K TVs are starting to become more affordable every year, this console generation will still be going as 4K becomes more widely adopted. Having a console that can upscale the games to 4K will bridge the gap until the next console generation when the consoles will have games developed in true 4K. Good thing is the 4K capable consoles are not required and any new game this generation (at least with Sony) has to be developed to work on any PS4 without loss of quality. Quite possibly the oldest PS community on the net



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