Hey guys, I am Jack, and lets talk about the game known as Sonic Boom Fire and Ice, a 3ds game that was actually very fun. And looking up several of the reviews online, I saw that Sonic Boom Fire and Ice got mixed reviews and I predicted it would be like that. So when I took a look at the criticisms that made the game a mixed bag, it pissed me off. Many of the reviews said that the gameplay is absolutely fun and enjoyable, but the only reasons why it got mixed reviews was because of MUSIC, ART STYLE, AND STORY.

I mean, sure the music is not terrible and the graphics are decent, but why would you say those are extreme detriments that hold back the game from being actually good? One thing that tickles my testicles in the bad way is that they say these are detrimental flaws for Sonic Boom, but they in fact praised Mario even though his games have the same problems. I am not saying Mario games are bad by any means (Light Years away from that), but its just that many of the environments have very simple textures, re-used level ideas such as the grass ice and desert world themes, and many of the music often blended together and the only memorable ones I can think of were the many remixes of previous songs in the older mario games.

For the story, I can see why that is a complaint, but why do we all act like the story matters? Video games are only meant to be for fun, stories are simply a side-dish, Video games are not movies. Another thing that pisses me off is that they praise the mario games even though the story has been rehashed and recycled with no build up or any type of character development. Don't you see the hypocrisy here?

I am not pissed at whether a game is bad by other people by their opinions, and that is fine with me. However, this game seems to be unfairly judged and it seems like they trumped on this game while praising mario's games even though they hold the same flaws JUST BECAUSE OF THE SONIC HATE TREND. This happened as well with Sonic Lost World for the Wii U, and look how the sales turned out... I wonder how much Sonic Boom Fire and Ice will sell... Look critics, Sega is trying to redeem themselves, at least give them an actual f##king chance and take them seriously for again.