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    Visually appealing game?

    I am currently looking for games on either PS4 or PC that have lots of details in the homes or look very interesting. It would help if you know why...

    I use memory palaces for school, which means I apply a memory to an item in a video game. You basically walk along and create a string of memory links to items in the game in sequential order. So for example in which three there are two houses that I have linked 100 memories each. I would have imagined say a king from my history class in a chair staring at the table imaging some great building or castle he built. You don't have to under really.

    What you do need to understand is that I am getting bored of looking at which 3 which has been the most visually pleasing, and I hated looking at Fallout 4(like the game play though). I'm just looking for something new. Preferably open world or houses I can travel around in that have lots of detail and look pretty, can be artisy stuff, even outside as long as the visuals are clean. Fallout 4 suffers from sameness in the cluttering of everything(wording, I know), but I need to b able to focus on an item in a relatively clean environment and an item the looks good.

    If any of you even understood my post(I'm sure it sounded wordy and complex), can anyone help?

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    Assassin's Creed Unity has very detailed homes/palaces/castles interiors. You can enter them inside and visit every floor.
    Assassin's Creed Sydicate has interiors too, not so rich as ACUnity, not because of the graphics but due to the different historical period & location.

    Dragon Age Inquisition has nice interior outfits (one of the duties you have in this game is to decorate your fortess).
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    Sounds like you should look at something a little bit different. There are some incredible things in SecondLife, a lot of content because users can create and build whatever they like. Free to play. That is if you don't need a story or game to play, think of it as a massive 3D virtual chat room where you interact with other avatars, all of which are completely customizable.



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