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    Shows / Online Videos You Watch For Gaming & Gadget News Updates

    I used to watch a lot of AOTS and X-Play on G4TV when it was around. Now, I just watch Classic Game Room on Youtube from time to time and some Angry Joe, but they take some getting used to (sidenote: what do you think of these guys?). I still prefer the more professional presentation that G4TV had. Where do you guys currently get your gaming & gadget reviews and updates?

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    I also enjoy Classic Game Room and Angry Joe. Their reviews are the only ones I take into account because for me, 99% of the time, they are right.

    I used to watch Kevin (the How To Annoy series) but nowadays he just does Minecraft and a few PC games.

    One person who I don't think a lot of people will know is ReviewZoneHD. He's pretty good.

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    Well, I don't watch much gaming news, I read them online. I go on ign, gamespot, those popular sites, and sometimes watch the videos from there.

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    I always find about good upcoming games by listening to the RoosterTeeth podcast. It's perfect, they are funny, talk about things that interest me (gaming) and then mention upcoming games.



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