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    The Walking Dead game

    >You are Rick Grimes
    >Wake up in hospital from coma
    >Your goal:
    >Find wife and son
    >Establish fully functioning society
    >Survive the zombies at all costs
    >You have 65/100 health
    >No inventory
    >Wearing only hospital gown
    >It's roughly 2 pm

    What do you do? Everyone has to keep the story going with answering to the post above.

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    >Goes on to the terrace of the hospital

    The end.

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    /thread ...


    >Check drawers for clothes.
    >Find cocktail dress
    >Better than nothing
    >Walk through hospital and make it to cafeteria
    >Weird music playing
    >Put on lipstick to make it more obvious that you're a waitress
    >Tons of walkers in cafeteria
    >Find cocktail tray as weapon
    >Add mixers to inventory
    >Go into cafeteria
    >Walkers start dancing
    >All have good time
    >Myfacewhen they do the Monster Mash



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