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    Political Simulator

    I have an idea in my head for those who are even remotely interested in politics. Basically its a user-friendly interface kind of forum game.
    I'll post up shortly the rules etc, but the basic gist of it is. Everyone who wants to play invents a political party of their choosing. You will also be provided with a list of policies which you must lean your favouring towards.

    We can say have 5 political parties initially, and other members will join the ones of their preference. However, to run the country each player must do their own wheeling and dealing to get enough votes to run the 'country'. They will then rule their country for say 3 months, before another election is held. As the game progresses laws will change and alter, in effect changing the way the country is run. I was thinking I would moderate the changing circumstances of the game, but the voting and holding in power is done by the people's choice of who they want.

    Each party will have to try and push through their bills, through debating, the ones that correlate with their party to shape the country the way they see fit. Naturally however, if a party wins with only a minority, they will have to try a lot harder to get bills through.

    I will also create circumstances of change in the game, such as 'creative protests' etc for bills that the party in power is passing, the party in power must then react, adapt and change to how they see fit. Send in the police, martial law etc.

    I will also keep a % tracker of the current party in power's popularity, through how active they are, how well they debate etc. This will be done by me, if their popularity falls below say 15% an early election would be called.

    I'm thinking of the rules as I go, but what do you people think.

    I would create it simplistically, we'll say the nation has $1 billion in revenue. I would create a list of 20 things that each party must choose what percentage they would give money to. Say for example, the 'Haze Party' favours 8% of revenue to support agriculture.

    What do you all think thus far?
    A lot more will be explained shortly.

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    The Enforcer

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    Sounds very interesting for sure but defo to much work for me
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    I bags being the 'Not Tony Abbott' party.

    Playstation 4, video games and other dashingly good discussion.

    Game Design Student. Give me a buzz if you want to chat.



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