But in the end, of course, there can be only one.The vote for my character's class, against all odds or against 4:3 odds, at any rate went to one of the non race exclusive classes, the Kung Fu Master, which came out of the contest with 24% of the votes, beating out the second runner up, Force Master, by a respectable 21 votes. The vote for my character's race, however, was considerably tighter; Yun, Lyn, and Jin all put up a valiant effort with 21%, 24%, and 25% of the vote, respectively, but it was the big, brawny Gon that wound up winning out with 30% of the total vote.

And last, but not least, on the subject of my character's gender, the vote was much more one sided, and female emerged victorious with a fairly commanding 61% of the vote against male's 39%. So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to Aesong, the female Gon Kung Fu Master.Now that everyone's acquainted, let's talk shop. And by "shop," I mean "game." The logical place to begin, as is frequently the case, is character creation. Although you may not be able to tell from the screenshot of my character in the header, Blade & Soul provides a rather impressive variety of character customization options with which players can create characters of all kinds.

Whether you want your avatar to peegold.com be blindingly beautiful, perplexingly bizarre, or just so astonishingly hideous that the sight of it would turn even the most eldritch of Lovecraftian horrors immediately insane, the game's library of customization options which includes features ranging from the basic, like hair style and color, to the unconventional, like different styles of eye pupils and overwhelming array of sliders should prove sufficiently robust.I have to say, though, that Blade & Soul puts a liiiiitle too much emphasis on the "bust" part.