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Thread: Should I buy this game?

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    Should I buy this game?

    The Order: 1886 is a fantastic looking game. My concern is that people say its more cut scene than game and if so, is that true? Is it therefore worth playing and buying. I'd like to hear opinions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derri View Post
    The Order: 1886 is a fantastic looking game. My concern is that people say its more cut scene than game and if so, is that true? Is it therefore worth playing and buying. I'd like to hear opinions.
    Its incredibly short and it has lackluster story and fights. The best part are the graphics
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    I picked this game up yesterday (and already beat it, lol). I got it for like 13 bucks at GameStop since I wanted a short game to hold me over until No Man's Sky. Plus, I've always wanted to play it but from what I've read, it wasn't worth full price and decided I won't buy it until it's under 20 bucks. So here are some of my thoughts.

    The graphics are brilliant. Some of the best I've ever seen. And for a smaller development team than other AAA games, I have to say they did an amazing job. The story had some great potential but they didn't delve as deep as the universe they created deserved. They didn't explain where the half-breeds came from or really how Arthur got involved. They could have done more about why the humans and half-breeds were fighting. There were just some plot holes they could have plugged up, perhaps if the game was longer. The game play was pretty well done IMO. I really enjoy cinematic games and I thought they had a decent enough balance between action and cut scenes, though it was definitely heavy on the cut scenes. The gunfights reminded me a lot like Uncharted. But seeing as the developer was started by ex-Naughty Dog guys, not surprising they took some design cues from their games. The boss fights were a little meh in my opinion. The first time I faced a Lycan in the hospital that was fun. Though to have the exact same fight as the final boss battle (even the same model) I thought was lazy. Especially since the only difference was literally one additional quick time event until it's over.

    The game was definitely a short one. I started it at like 6:30 last night and had it beat by 2am. Now my final thoughts on the game. Had I payed full price, I would have been upset just by the length of the game. All games have shortcomings and the things I listed above should not deter anyone from buying the game. This really is a must pick up, especially since it's less than 20 bucks now. I paid $13.50 used and am totally satisfied with my experience. I'm hoping they make a sequel since I liked the universe and think there's so much they can explore with a follow up (especially with how it ends). If I were to rate this game, I'd give it 7.5/10, points knocked off for what I mentioned above.
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    I get what you mean Titan,while some games are obviously crappier than others it still can depend on what we pay for them.
    Even now some (many) games are not worth playing for full price,but later on,when price is reduced it may be worth it,and then even some which we may have never bought (but were interested in) may be OK if its in a bargain bin a year or more down the track.
    Course even if I seen a football or basketball game for $5 I still wouldnt buy it for myself as I have no interest in those sorts of games.
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