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    I replaced my 500GB HD for a 2TB HD

    I have the OG PS4 console, but was looking at getting the pro model. i upgraded my HD to 2TB.
    Does anybody know if i can take the 2TB HD out of the PS4 and replace the 1TB in the pro and it'll work without having to reload the software?
    I think that came out right..

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    I was gonna say yes, but did some research for you (thank god, lol). The answer is no. I didn't know it but apparently each PS4 encrypts the hard drive so it will work only on that PS4. I didn't know that and felt like I heard people swapping PS4 to PS4 when one breaks. Never heard anything from PS4 to PS4 Pro. Either way, before doing anything, it's good to backup all data to an external before messing with anything. According to this Reddit post, you can still backup all saved games and data to the external, put your new (old) hard drive in the PS4 Pro, format it and put the data back on from the external. I don't get it to be honest. Sony always makes things difficult Hell, I can take my computer hard drive and plug it into my laptop if I wanted and boot from it no problem. Wish you could do the same with PS4 hard drives to other PS4s. Quite possibly the oldest PS community on the net



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