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    Password issues.....

    I have a few questions. Looking for feedback.

    I am signed into my ps4 and have access to my email address. But I forgot the password and my security questions. Apparently, both my real birth date and my common fake birth date aren't the ones I entered. And I tried several variations of possible places of birth, the real one not entered.

    I can't do a password reset with the securtity questions. And I'm effectively locked out of my account. Is there any workaround? Or should I make a new account?

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    I am afraid you must make a new account or, if you have time and pacience, try to contact the Sony support.
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    When I was in high school, I made an account with fake birthdays and security questions thinking it would be harder for people to access. I couldn't get back in. I never did that again. With modern encryption, it's just best to use real questions and birth dates and avoid putting yourself in this situation, especially if your credit card is linked to the account. Or, if you really have a bad memory, write it down in a notebook and hide it (what I do). Now you may not be able to cancel the automatic subscription for PS+ if you have one. Quite possibly the oldest PS community on the net



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