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    Exclamation i need a really big help on ps store problem

    i had a big problem right now on the Playstation, apparently it seems that my game and my playstation cant be connected

    soo for example when you download the dlc for final fantasy xv, even when the installation is complete installation, you will never get the items that you suppose to get on the dlc.

    Also, in FFXV there is a Playstation button inside the game, when i try to open the menu, there will be a notification saying that it's not available.

    the other thing i noticed as well, all of the day one code for 2 of my games doesn't work, saying that the code must be wrong or has been used

    it would be really nice to get a help from the forum, and i've been searching the solution for almost 6 months since the customer support at my country is really aids

    Thanks alot for anyone that reply

    P.S:all of the games i had is on a disc form

    Country: Indonesia
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