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    How to Transfer PS3 saved content to PS4

    I have a PS3 with saved content for Skyrim, Minecraft, and The Evil Within. I'm buying a PS4 and have a few questions:

    1. In addition to the PS3 titles above, do I need the PS4 versions of these titles as well? I think the answer is yes, just want to confirm.

    2. What are the steps for transferring the saved content once I get the PS4? Do I need both machines hooked up and connected to the internet?

    Thanks in advance, everyone! I'm new around here, so I apologize if this was already posted somewhere.

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    Sorry bud but you have to buy the PS4 versions of the games and saves don't transfer. Maybe a bit of a bright side but when I bought Minecraft it only cost me $5 because I also owned it on the PS3. Don't know if things have changed though?



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