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    Is this supposed to happen?

    Hello people of PlayStation forum! I'm stuck in a problem.
    So I purchased my PS4 back in October 2016. My bundle was PS4 1tb with Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us, which I got on a heavy discount. It got delivered in 4-5 days. When I unboxed it I saw that both boxes of games were completely broken except for the disk, which clearly indicates that shipping was done very lazily. Now the problem is with the PS4. In every game I play the textures load late, sometimes the frame rate gets reduced(when it is supposed to stay at 30). For example, in MGS:V the textures on hills did not load for some time. Same with HITMAN, the textures came late at times. Playing Watch Dogs was a disaster. Frame rate came down very frequently and the textures came very, very late. Now when I'm playing GTA V, the texture problem is very frequent and every where I just wanted to ask are these bugs normal for my PS4? I've seen a lot of videos on these games made by the community on YouTube and noticed no bugs, everything seemed to run smoothly and textures loaded on time. And as I said before my games came completely wacked with the PS4, so I think my PS4 is broken.
    A while back I even went to a Sony service center to get it repaired and said that it heated too much(which it does, like a frying pan) they said that I will get a new one in ten days time, but three days later they called and said that my PS4 was not heating. It was heating there too, but they said that it was completely normal, so I had to take it back.
    It is very annoying to play games like this, and I want a new one. So, are these bugs normal? If they are, I will show this to the people at Sony center.

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    It can happen with the most recent games, where the environmet is generated procedurally, that you may notice some testures loading late, for examples trees, grass, rocks and also clothings. It happens not so often though and it's not so noticeable then I think your PS4 has internal problems. Bugs like you described are not normal at all.
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